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Pilsen Tennis Academy works in Pilsen - 180 000 inhabitants, it is about 100 km to the capital of Czech Republic (shortly Czechia) to Prague.  It is about 1 hour by bus through highway or by train to Prague. The buses and trains go to Prague each hour. Pilsen is a sporting city where football, ice hockey, hand ball very popular and tennis indeed. The most popular is football and football club Viktoria Plzeň  Pilsen welcomed football clubs for example Real Madrid, AS Roma in 2018 and Manchester City, Bayern München, FC Barcelona, AC Milano in last years. Pilsen was European Capital of Culture in 2015  If you click on the following link, you can see dancing on the streets in Pilsen and see the well-known places of the city:

I Charleston Pilsen | Pilsner Jazz Band: It Don't Mean A Thing

 More about Pilsen at:

The international airports close to Pilsen

Prague (Czechia) ... 100km   -   Nuremberg (Germany) ... 200km   -   Munich (Germany) ... 300km   -   Vienna (Austria) ... 400km

There are the bus and train connections from these airports to Pilsen like for example:

Student agency ...                                                                 Flixbus ...

Why tennis in Czechia?

The Czechia won 3 times Davis Cup (1980 Czechoslovakia, 2012 and 2013 Czechia) and 11 times Fed Cup (1975, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1988 Czechoslovakia, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 Czechia). Czech tennis players received 15 Grand Slam titles among men and 25 Grand Slam titles among women. ATP World Tour Finals (Masters) won 5 times among men and 10 times among women. Czechia won Fed Cup for 6 times in last 8 yea. The final of Fed Cup was played in 10 Nov - 11 Nov 2018. Look at the funny video before the matches:  TAG Heuer | Unexpected encounter on the tennis court

Why Pilsen?

As the first tennis club in Czechia was founded just in Pilsen in 1893 and was called CLTK (Czech Lawn Tennis Klub). So why do not play the tennis in Pilsen? In the city where the tennis was born in 19th century? At present there are about 300 tennis courts on clay and about 30 on synthetic grass surfaces in Pilsen.

Suitable tennis season in Czechia?

There is suitable time for playing tennis from April to October. We play outside and we have plenty of tennis courts, about 300 courts available in Pilsen. But during the winter season from November to March we have only 30 tennis courts under roof - tennis halls available. For this reason there is big problem with free capacity for the bigger tennis groups especially coming from China. Of course, the price for rental of tennis court is higher in Winter (20 EUR per 1 hour) in comparison with the summer season (8 EUR per 1 hour). Simply the winter is not good time for learning tennis. Don´t forget about Christmas in Europe. All tennis halls are closed during Christmas time (from 22 DEC to 1 JAN). The best time for tennis learning is from May to August, it is the right tennis season in Czechia.

Where do we buy tennis accesories?

We buy everything at the biggest i-shop in Europe:

Tennis, accomodation, sightseeing?

We are able to make the package holiday including accomodation, tennis camp and sightseeing tours. Look at the interesting places with the distances from Pilsen see below. 

Places of interest with distances from Pilsen in Czechia:

Prague ... 100km ...

Karlovy Vary ... 80km ...

Mariánské Lázně ... 70km ...

Castle Karlštejn ... 80km ...

Castle Hluboká ... 130km ...

Castle Český Krumlov ... 160km ...

In Austria:

Town Hallstatt ... 400km ...

In Germany:

Castle Neuschwanstein ... 400km ...

  •                                            Do not hesitate and book the tennis holiday in Pilsen in Czechia.