Price list

Although Czechia is member of European Community even so for payment Czech Crown uses however you can pay in EUR with no problems. Therefore prices are listed in EUR and VAT is including. In case of bigger group of players we tailor-made offer for you. We sell full range of tennis equipment, our supplier is the biggest i-shop in Europe - look at :


Private lessons

Price for court is not including

1 person, 1 hour

40 EUR

1 person, 1 hour - sparring

sparring partner, only playing, no coaching

30 EUR

1 person, 5 hour package

i.e. 35 EUR per 1 hour

175 EUR

1 person, 10 hour package

i.e. 30 EUR per 1 hour

300 EUR


Groups and Tennis Camp

Price for court is not including

2 players, 1 hour

i.e. 35 EUR per person

70 EUR

3 players, 1 hour

i.e. 30 EUR per person

90 EUR

4 players, 1 hour

i.e. 25 EUR per person

100 EUR


Tennis courts, accomodation and other

Tennis courts in summer outdoor

from April to September, synthetic grass and clay


Tennis courts in winter indoors

from October to March, synthetic grass, hard surface

20 EUR


according to quality of hotel, price per person per night

 approx. 20-150 EUR

Racquet stringing

with a variety of strings Yonex, Babolat, Signum Pro

20  EUR

Rent a racquet is free of charges